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work hard / play hard

A few months ago, while taking a business and portfolio development class, I was presented with an opportunity to put together a few outfits based upon my personal aesthetic, provided with beautiful models, and a talented photographer, to create a collection of photos to add to my portfolio. Thanks to Stein Mart, Inc. I was able to pick from a large selection of Fall/Winter merchandise and present my findings in a way that would appeal to a younger market, i.e. my generation. I’m quite pleased with the way the looks turned out, and encourage you to visit your local Stein Mart for some stunning new spring pieces (such as a West Kei fringe trimmed kimono [I bought one in every color])


Maya – Photo c.o. David Braud Photography – Sunny Leigh Open Sweater / Nina Leonard V-Neck Dress / Carol Dauplaise Beaded Necklace / Coach and Four Willow Boots /


Rihanna – Photo c.o. David Braud Photography – Seven7 Blouse / Nine West Coated Denim / Bud Hill Necklace / Shoes, Model’s Own


Autumn – Photo c.o. David Braud Photography – Kut from the Kloth Denim Jacket / Intrigue Sequin Knit Sweater / Nine West Cigarette Fit Jeans / Coach and Four Willow Boots


winter blues

Life is such beautiful madness. I have somehow, by a divine miracle and the grace of a dear friend’s scheduling power, received a day of rest and relaxation and finally found time to devote to blogging.

On the first day of the new year I found a journal that I had never even cracked open and began writing in it every night before bed. That has since slowly diminished to nothing more than pretty book that moves from place to place, the pages still bare. Writing is something that I truly love to do, both for myself as an outlet, a way to capture moments and keep them easily accessible, and as a way to share thoughts with others. I would like to resume writing, and find a way to incorporate it into my every day routine so as to never neglect it again. Fellow writers, any suggestions or thoughts?

Not only is today Super Bowl Sunday but it was also a big day for a little groundhog. Who, sadly, saw his shadow and cursed us all with another six weeks of winter. I don’t know about y’all but I am sick of cold hands, cloudy skies, and having to cover the beautiful legs God so mercifully blessed me with. So, in my wallowing, despair, and longing for sunshine and short shorts I present you with a collection of some essentials for the remainder of the cold, dreary days, as well as a few items that are purely feel good pieces to help you out of your winter blues rut. Enjoy beauties.


The Essentials

items, clockwise: a big cozy sweater, a perfect fit for the ‘blues’ we’re all feeling – Chinti and Parker New Love Sweater sold here / a pillow to lean on, a conversation starter, and the perfect way to evaluate your friend’s movie knowledge – No Wire Hangers Needlepoint Throw Pillow by Jonathan Adler found here / bring some life to your coffee table in the form of intriguing glass terrariums – West Elm Faceted Terrariums sold here / while you’re stuck in the house, embrace your inner child and put those fancy (read: over-priced) Prismacolor pencils to good use with this fun and stylish coloring book – My Even More Wonderful World of Fashion by Chronicle Books found here


The Secondary (although completely justifiable)

items, from left, clockwise: who doesn’t love a good flat? not just any flat, a birthday flat. made just for you, you special princess. (available in a variety of signs and animals, including the cutest little cats) – Charlotte Olympia Birthday Flat in Aries sold here / if you haven’t yet heard about the liberty united project then you should definitely click the link. after you read and are amazed, purchase one of these beautifully minimalist bullet cuffs (or rings, or necklaces) – Skinny Bullet Cuff by Liberty United found here / despite my doubts, spring will inevitably roll around and the sun will shine once again. store your sunnies in this luxe little box. organization at its most elegant. – Camilla Vera Glasses Box sold here / not only will the sun shine, but the flowers will bloom. skip in a field of daisies and pick a few along the way; store them in this artfully crafted vase, impress your friends. – Vanishing Vase by MoMa Store found here

Until next time.


humpday five

A list of five, times three – artists to bookmark, fashion movies to binge watch,  books to adorn your coffee table, gifts worth keeping,  and a little music.. Keep reading to discover my selections.

5. Art



Alternative Landscapes by Benoit.P uncovers the effect that a single box of light has on its surroundings. The results are beautifully astonishing.



Movies In Color take a single still from a movie, like pictured above, and select a range of colors to perfectly match the palette depicted. Warning: You will spend hours on this site.


Natural Palettes is a site much like Movies In Color, but instead of movie stills they use everyday images, including some gif’s of stunning waterfalls and blooming roses. You might pick up a new hobby after seeing this.

Street Art


You’ve probably seen this image a few times already. Now discover the man behind the work and the rest of his thoughtful jabs at society.



This man has created some of the most intricate, interesting forms of shoe art that I have ever laid eyes on. His stories read much like that of a little black book, describing in detail how he came to such an expressive conclusion. 12 Shoes For 12 Lovers is a must see.

4. Movies



Hands down one of the best fashion films of all time. To do: Sign name as Ms. Golightly at every given opportunity.



Kim Novak is absolutely stunning in this movie, throw in beautifully crafted costumes by Edith Head and we have a winner. Alfred Hitchcock, you are a genius.



Admit it, you’ve seen this movie 100 times. But the costumes are just so good. The red and black beaded full length gown? The striped hobble skirt suit? Stop it! Want even more Kate and Leo? Watch Revolutionary Road and bawl for hours, just like you did at the end of Titanic. Want even more Titanic? Well, you’re in luck Titanic II.

Guilty Pleasure


If you love the fashion industry and have yet to watch this movie, stop whatever nonsense you are currently doing and take some time to watch it. Also have a pen and notepad ready, you’re going to want to take some notes.

3. Books



One of the best decisions I have made within the past couple of months was to follow Man Repeller on Instagram. She posts beautiful fashion – with a hilarious twist. I can only imagine that this book would offer the same.



Christian Dior made every woman who wore his designs look absolutely flawless and elegant. I need that in my life, like I need this beautiful book (almost the same shade as Pantone’s color of the year) in my living room.



Buy this. Carry it with you everywhere. Eat and be merry.

2. Gifts



Do you think that Reese’s is the perfect combination of peanut butter and chocolate? Think again and order a tin full of Colt’s Bolts from Colt’s Chocolates, made right here in Nashville, TN. You’re welcome.



The best lip balm you will ever use. Ever. Buy yourself a set from Sephora, get an extra to give – or keep.

1. Music


The XX whispers sweet nothings like none other. Merry Christmas

girls just wanna have fun

Television. Currently, I am utterly obsessed with a little show called The Carrie Diaries. Never seen it? Love modern takes on 80’s fashion? Stop what you’re doing – and go watch. Sure, the show may be marketed to a younger audience and granted it is about high school age kids but let’s be honest, who cares! The fashion is incredible, and for petes sake she has my dream internship at Interview magazine. I must admit, I was never a fan of Sex and the City, possibly because at the show’s peak I was too young to even understand it, but after watching this show I am entirely tempted to binge watch every episode just to become fully knowledgeable. With that being said I am dedicating this post to my favorite girls from The Carrie Diaries, and offering some of their fashion tips from my perspective.

Carrie Bradshaw

Maybe the reason Cinderella was so happy the shoe fit wasn’t because of the prince, it was because of the shoes.

The hair, the bag, the style. Sigh. She fearlessly mixes patterns like no other, and looks to die for in even the simplest of ensembles. Featured here are two separate looks, highlighting what I love most about her style.


Blazer by TopShop, Earrings from Forever 21, Printed Blouse from NastyGal, Textured Skirt from TopShop, Shoes by NastyGal


Earrings, Bracelet, and Watch all by TopShop, Printed Bow Blouse and Velvet Skirt also by TopShop, Shoes from Banana Republic

Larissa Loughlin 

Alcohol and Fashion. My Favorite Combination.

She is the editor in chief, the “it” woman, the queen. Her style is bold, in your face, and always on trend. Try this look out:


Necklace from NastyGal, Earrings from TopShop, Over-sized Coat from Forever 21, Print Skirt from The Limited, Shoes from NastyGal

Jill ‘Mouse’ Chen

We’re going to be hot! Hot, hot hot!

She is the uber smart girl, the girl in control, the sweet know-it-all. Her style is classic school girl meets modern day quirkiness. Give it a try:


Sweater and Trousers from TopShop, Denim Shirt from Forever 21, Rings from TopShop, Shoes from Rack Room Shoes

Stay tuned for a season finale post.

In order to get ahead you need to not just work, but work it.

if i were a boy

I’d be lusting over these items for winter. Check ’em out.


Items pictured, left to right:

Technology to keep you warm on the coldest days. Buy one in every color, thank me later. Heattech Crew Neck Sweater by Uniqlo

Want to wear fair isle but not on your entire sweater? Solution found. Fair Isle Wool Skinny Tie by Banana Republic

Impeccable tailoring, classic plaid. Classic Flannel Button Down Shirt by Thom Browne

A sweater that your girlfriend will undoubtedly steal. Oatmeal Cable Sweater by Topman

Camo in a cool way, local Nashville craftsmanship; done and done. Camo Cotton Hanky by Otis James

Shave your face in style, gentleman. Classic Horn Shaving Set by The Art of Shaving

Black soap for manly washing. Black Square Soap by Blackbird

Still wearing those faded, ripped up jeans? Upgrade. The Henley in Raw Selvage Denim by baldwin

A boot that every man needs in his closet, or better yet – on his feet. Red Wing No. 8111 at imogene + willie

Take notes in style, write love poems to your favorite lady. Handmade Leather Bound Journal by Best American Arts

three, two, one

Want to discover something new? Love art, poetry, and technology? Keep reading.


Leif Podhajsky uses a variety of subjects, all presented in a unique, fascinating fashion. If you are interested in distortion, fragmentation, psychedelic themes, and body exploration, then you must check out his work. Here is a sample:


Find the rest at his online gallery here (NSFW)

Neon. Need I say more? Chris Bracey finds old neon signs and restores them into something new, beautiful, at times slightly offensive – but always thought provoking:


View the rest of his work here (NSFW)

Neon, again. This time to convey a message, and not to be taken lightly (the first time I viewed this gallery I literally cried). Lee Jung installed neon text with sentimental phrases in barren landscapes, contrasting the feel of a cold and lonely place with passionate expressions:


view images here read more about the artist and her work here (tissues optional)


If you frequent tumblr and view anyone that is interested in poetry, you’ve probably seen a few pages from Lang Leav’s incredible book Love & Misadventure. Her writing is beautiful and fluid – a definite must-read:


purchase her book here read her blog here

Words and images, images and words. E.E. Cummings is the master of this concept, both with descriptive words and actual imagery made from the words themselves. If you have yet to read his incredible work do yourself a favor and buy this book immediately:


available for purchase here


Here’s my opinion on apps: if I’m going to pay for it, it better be really useful. Speak Chic is all that and more. If you’re a lover of fashion like myself, you definitely need this in your life. It provides proper pronunciation for over 300 fashion brands and terms, definitions, and fashion history. So you will no longer pronounce Givenchy as Ju-vin-chee.


until next time

fall into a fresh perspective

“Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.” – Albert Camus

I draw the majority of my inspiration – for art, writing, mood – from nature. Fall encompasses many moods, or symbols, if you will. The first hint at fall comes with the kisses of color that appears on the tips of the leaves and seemingly overnight fully consume the trees with fiery red and orange, rich yellow and vibrant greens. The colors don’t last for long though as the cold wind will soon blow in and strip the trees bare until the blooming begins again in spring. So take a moment, walk away from your desk and your cluttered mind, and step outside. It’s beautiful here. 


These are a few shots of fall from where I stand. If you’d like to see more, click here